Canada Actually Has A Polar Bear Jail

Because, Canada.
Canada Actually Has A Polar Bear Jail

Canada is such a beautiful country, that it's often easy to forget how close we live to wild animals.

That is until cougars and wolves start wondering in the middle of the city in search of food.

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Luckily in Montreal we only get squirrels, raccoons, and the occasional coyote. But in certain parts of Canada, polar bears are a serious problem.

So what do you do when you have a rogue polar bear who likes to break into people's homes in search of food? You don't kill it, you sentence it to polar bear jail.

Yes, Canada actually has a polar bear jail.

It is a former military aircraft hangar located in Manitoba that was converted into a 28 cell "bear jail".

When trouble-making bears get caught by Manitoba’s Polar Bear Alert Program, they are sent to bear jail without dinner to think about what they've done. (Repeat offenders lose their allowance.)

While the jail might seem cruel, it is actually a conservation effort to make sure the polar bear population doesn't decline.

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After 30 days, the bears are flown away by helicopter and dropped off on sea ice.

The facility is a lot busier than you might think. In 2015 officers received over 350 calls, and a record 77 bears were captured and jailed.

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