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Canadian Airline To Offer Flights Across Canada For Only $100

Hopping on a plane and traveling to another part of Canada is by no means cheap.

Flying within Canada (or out of, for that matter) is incredibly expensive, but that could change when Canada Jetlines, an airline founded on affordability, launches next year.

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Poised to start sending out flights by June of 2018, Canada Jetlines promises flights from one end of Canada to the other for about $100. 

Canada Jetline’s CEO, Stan Gadek, announced the company’s air travel initiatives at a press conference in Toronto yesterday. 

Gadek said flights on Canada Jetliner will cost “the price of a pair of jeans,” reports CBC.

That’s not exactly a specific metric (who knows where this guy buys jeans) but Gadek did follow up with a bit more info, saying flights will generally be less than $100. 

Gadek also touched on the current prices for flights in Canada, which are incredibly high. According to Gadek, “there’s no rational basis” for the prices Canadians pay to fly, given the lowering cost of fuel and airplane infrastructure. 

The new low-cost airline is planning to launch on June 1st of next year, operating out of Hamilton and Waterloo. 

Thrifty Canadians can then take an airplane ride to Halifax, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Vancouver. 

More flights and destinations will be added as time goes on, with Canada Jetlines aiming to have six planes in operation by the sixth month-mark, heading out to international markets like Cancun and Florida. 

Canadians are ata distinct disadvantage when it comes to domestic tourism. Visiting the west coast or the Maritimes from Quebec or Ontario can be more expensive than flying internationally. 

So that’s what most Canadians do when taking a trip, leaving our beautiful nation to head elsewhere, all because Canadian airlines set their prices too high. 

Hopefully Canada Jetlines, and other new low-cost airlines like Flair (originally NewLeaf), will make flying far more affordable, pushing the major airlines like Air Canada and Air Transat to lower their prices. 

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