Canada Airline To Offer Flights Across Canada For Only $20

As you may know, it can cost you more money to fly to the other side of Canada than it would to fly to Europe.

Right now, a one-way flight from Montreal to B.C. will run you about $630. Double that, if you ever plan on returning. 

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People are always complaining that Canada is one the most expensive countries in the world to fly, but according to Flytrippers, things are about to change. 

WestJet are planning on launching a new ultra low cost carrier airline in 2018 which will be able to offer flights across Canada for as low as $20!  

So why is it so cheap? They just don't bother will all the extras. There are no meals, no entertainment systems, no Wi-Fi, no assigned seating, you have to pay extra for your luggage, and you have to be flexible on dates. 

Companies like WOWAir already started offering discount low cost flights from Canada to Europe and according to Flytrippers, you can already find flights to Plattsburgh for $30 and flights within Eruope for $5.

And now that more companies like these are starting to pop up in Canada, the costs are only going to keep dropping. 

For more information on this new airline and ultra Low Cost Carriers, check out Flytrippers

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