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Canada Could Be Among The First Countries In The World To Get Rid Of School Subjects

Paving the way for generations to come.
Canada Could Be Among The First Countries In The World To Get Rid Of School Subjects

When it comes to education, every country in the world should try to emulate Finland.

Finland’s education system always ranks in the top ten best in the world and they always outrank Canada.

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However, Finland isn't satisfied with those results, which is why they have decided to revolutionize the entire system.

The idea is to completely eliminate school subjects. That means there would be no more math, no more history, no more geography, no more literature... you get the idea.

Is you inner child jealous yet?

But why ditch the classic teaching methods that have been proven effective since the 1900's?

Well, it's specifically because they were developed inn the 1900's and Finland is ready to enter the 21st century.

Instead of regular classes, students will study historical and current events from different perspectives, which will blend together multiple disciplines.

Students can choose which topic they want to study according to their own future ambitions, interests and abilities.

Think about all the hours an average student spends studying specific topics and subjects that will never come in handy.

Instead, students could study topics such as "working in a coffee shop" which would explore language, communication, economics and math all rolled into one.

This is an idea that needs to happen in Quebec, we already have several alternative school programs available in here including non-traditional education, trilingual programs, music/study programs and even dance/study programs.

And since Finland regularly beats us in education rankings, perhaps we should give their idea a try.

What do you think of this idea.

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