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Canada Could Make Prince Harry Its Next King

Finally, our own monarch!
Canada Could Make Prince Harry Its Next King

You have to admit, it's pretty weird that Canada's head of state is a person that lives permanently in another country...across an ocean....thousands of kilometres away.

The Canadian monarchy is one of the last vestiges of British colonialism in North America. The popularity of the the effectively foreign monarch is mixed among Canadians.

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For centuries, Canadian politians and laymen, alike, have pondered solutions to this strange paradox. While many have argued for a new republic, some have even proposed an even closer integration with the United Kingdom.

But the popularity of the current immediate royal family has largely shadowed discontent with the British monarchy. In fact, some figures are so popular that a few have proposed adopting a new, uniquely Canadian monarch.

Since his marriage to American actress Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, 6th in line to the throne after his father, brother, and nieces and nephews, as soared in popularity. If you're like me, you, too, have wondered what the monarchy would look like with the famous couple at its head.

Philippe Lagassé, associate professor at Carlton University, has suggested that such a move might just be a possibility.

In a post on his website, Prof. Lagassé pointed out that there is nothing in the Canadian constitution that would prevent the government from changing the laws of succession to allow a different monarch to take the throne.

The actual legal means by which this change could happen, according to the professor, is a pretty clever way of evading royal assent. 

There is little to no chance this could actually manifest. But it's fun to fantasize about finally "patriating" the Canadian monarchy.


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