Canada Has Been Ranked #1 Healthiest Country In The World

Yas, Canada!
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Canada Has Been Ranked #1 Healthiest Country In The World

According to the latest report from the Global Wellness Index, Canada is the healthiest country in the world. Our "good friends" to the south, the US of A, ranked 37. No surprise considering that burnt tangerine they have as President. 

Canada is the top healthiest country in the world based on a bunch of data, including healthcare and fitness. Canadians are found to have higher overall happiness levels and the lowest overall blood pressure, compared to the other 151 countries on the list. 

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TL;DR  No surprise here, but Canada has been ranked the #1 healthiest country in the world based on the Global Wellness Index. You go, Canada. 

The report reveals that Canadians are less depressed, live longer, and have one of the best healthcare systems in the world compared to other countries. The US lost points for their high depression rates and lower overall fitness levels. California yoga moms are like, totally steamed about this. 

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I mean, look at how amazing this place is, are we really surprised? 

In addition to the better overall quality of life and healthcare, Canada is ranked as one of the top countries for job security, access to food, housing, education, and political stability. Don't mention that last one to JT, though.

As if you needed another reason to pump up Canada to everyone you meet!

So next time you want to complain about Canada, keep in mind that we are the top #1 healthiest country in the world, from sea to shining sea. 

Oh, Canada! 

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