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Justin Trudeau Set To Give Montreal 5 New Metro Stations

Metro extension ftw.
Justin Trudeau Set To Give Montreal 5 New Metro Stations

Extending the STM metro network is an ever-present desire for Montrealers, especially those who live farther east or west from the city's urban core.

While the Green Line does a great job of connecting the city from east to west on the southern end of the island, those living farther north are left wanting, with no metro stations set up to meet their public transit needs.

That could change quite soon if the Trudeau government gets on board with funding an extension of the Blue Line, which may lead to the creation of a slew of new stations on the eastern end of the line.

While nothing has been formally confirmed, city officials heading the Blue Line extension are quite confident the federal government will inject funds into the public transit project, as showcased in Journal Métro's exclusive.

No project leader could speak about the specifics of Canada's involvement with the metro extension, as the exact size of the investment can't be revealed until the Liberal government releases their first budget on March 22nd.

Still, more than ever it looks as if a metro extension is on the horizon, and should the funding go through (the Quebec provincial government is another likely benefactor of the project) we could be looking at a full five new stations extending the Blue Line eastwards. That's enough to get us excited.

Métro states the metro extension will connect the Blue Line to Anjou, with stations stations set up near boulevards Pie-IX, Viau, Lacordaire, Langelier, and Galeries d'Anjou. Read more on the topic here.

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