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Canada Is About To Be Hit With An Insane 40°C Weather Pattern

This could have some dangerous consequences.
Canada Is About To Be Hit With An Insane 40°C Weather Pattern

Hold onto your hats Canada because something crazy is about to happen. 

Meteorologists are baffled by an insanely extreme weather pattern headed towards North America next week.

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TL;DR Dangerous weather pattern headed towards Canada. The Eastern side of Canada will experience 90% below average temperatures while the rest of the country will be hit with 90% above average heat and humidity.

The entire country will be split between two sides: Winter and Summer. 

This temperature anomaly basically means that half of Canada will be experiencing full blown winter storms, with 90% below average temperatures. Meanwhile the other half will be under an extreme heat and humidity warning.  

According to The Weather Network it's very rare to see a 90% probability of either above or below normal temperature, but seeing both is almost impossible.

Today's 6-10 Day Outlook from CPC has a 90% chance of both Above and Below normal temps. Only once in the last 5 years have both categories been present on the same map (2/13/2018).

October 2, 2018

Unfortunately in addition to the winter storms out in Western Canada, this weather pattern could have some dangerous consequences, 

Storm systems are way more likely to develop when air masses this powerful come together so the areas where the heat and cold meet will be likely see some pretty bizarre weather over the next week.

Montreal, Toronto, and Windsor will be breaking the all time head records for October with temperatures reaching nearly 40°C with the humidex.


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