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Canada Is Cracking Down On Vaping, Here's How The New Restrictions Could Affect You

New laws will be passed soon, says Health Minister
Canada Is Cracking Down On Vaping, Here's How The New Restrictions Could Affect You

Canadian officials are worried about the rising number of teenagers who vape. Canadian Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor said in a statement that she is "deeply concerned about recent reports that youth vaping is on the rise."

Indeed, a study conducted between 2016 and 2017 confirmed that 10 percent of students between grades 7 and 12 use vapes. This study prompted the Canadian government to take stronger action to curb the rise in popularity of vapes.

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TL:DR New laws on vaping may soon come into effect in Canada. These laws are mostly concerned with the marketing of vaping products and where you can purchase vapes. 

As a result, new laws that aim to curb the increase of young vapers are currently being drafted.

Though some individual provinces, like Quebec and Ontario, already take action to reduce vape advertisements, the federal government wants to enforce a ban nationwide. 

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This new regulation would mean limits on places where advertisements can be placed, constraints on the content of advertisements, and restrictions on the display of vaping products in certain retail locations.

There would also be mandatory health warnings on packaging, much like on cigarette packets.

There are also proposed laws that will affect vapers more directly. A new public health campaign was launched Tuesday to educate consumers on the dangers of vaping.

However, no laws seeking to limit where one can vape have been proposed, nor have stricter fines for those who vape inside been considered.

These proposals would not affect the practice of vaping, but restrictions on advertising mean that vapes will at least be less visible in retail locations, maybe even harder to find.

In addition, health warnings on packaging are likely to disturb, even annoy vape-users. But that's exactly the point.

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