Canada Is Getting A New "Netflix Style" Streaming Service

BritBox has officially launched!
Canada Is Getting A New "Netflix Style" Streaming Service

In Canada when it comes to streaming shows and movies we have a few options available. 

There's Netflix of course, but there's also Crave TV and even Amazon PrimeVideo which is free when you have an Amazon Prime account.  

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But there's a new streaming service being making its way to our country. The BBC announced this morning that they will be launching BritBox in Canada.    

The new streaming service will offer Canadians access to the largest collection of British content available online incuding Classic Doctor Who,  Torchwood, and Keeping Up Appearances.

Britbox will also include exclusive Canada premieres and we'll be able to watch shows broadcasted in the UK within hours of their release. 

"Fans will be able to watch the classic shows they love while discovering new hit series available shortly after their UK broadcast"

BritBox is available to Canadians starting today and it cost about the same at Netflix for a monthly subscription. 

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