Canada Is Getting "Solar Power Benches" That Charge Your Phone

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Canada Is Getting "Solar Power Benches" That Charge Your Phone

Don't you hate it when you're walking around downtown and realize that your phone is dying? But then, of course, there aren't any outlets in the middle of the sidewalk. Yeah, that's the worst.

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Well, soon enough, this won't be as much of a problem thanks to Soofa. What on earth is Soofa? I'm glad you asked. 

Soofa is a tech-based company founded in 2014 by three female engineers from MIT that creates solar-powered benches that charge phones on the spot. That's right you can take a seat with your friends in the middle of a park and charge your phone.

No more endless searching for outlets. Now, you can just look for a cool-looking solar-powered bench. 

They have over 100 locations in the United States, and for the first time, they've expanded to Canada!

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The Ontario town of Newmarket is leading the way for innovation in Canada and using data-based technology to improve quality of life. They got their first bench in 2016, and given its success, they just keep getting more and more.

This is a great way to help bring more attention to environmentally-friendly and sustainable energy sources, while also being useful for our somewhat tech-dependent society.

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Somehow, Soofa actually does more than just charge your phones. The techy-benches also have sensors that detect the presence of smartphones and collect data to better understand the needs of the location.

Without invading your privacy, they are able to keep track of how public spaces are being used. This way, plans for the community and economic development will be better informed in the future.

I am personally very pumped for Soofa to expand its reach and develop itself in other regions of Canada. I might just take a little trip to Newmarket just to check them out because they look pretty freaking awesome.

Check out theirFacebook and website for more information!


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