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Canada Is Going To Ban Poutine As We Know It

It'll never be the same again!
Canada Is Going To Ban Poutine As We Know It

In the near future in Canada you may be dialing your local drug dealer's phone number. Only he won't be delivering weed. He'll be bringing you some of that sweet-sweet illegal poutine instead. 

Yesterday, Canada announced that artificial trans fats will be banned across the country by next year. 

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As you may know, trans fats are used to make fried things, pastries, baked goods, as well as some packaged food products.

And of course, trans fats can be found in Canada's favorite dish, the poutine. 

You'll still be able to get poutine once the ban comes into effect, but it'll be a slightly healthier version, which means it just won't be the same dish we've all come to know and love. 

For example, some of the most famous poutines in Montreal including the ones from big chains such as McDonald's and St-Huberts will have to alter their recipes, which is a tragedy since most of them are perfect the way they are. 

Of course the ban will no doubt affect the taste of many other deliciously fattening foods, but in our, world poutine is the only one worth mentioning.

For more information regarding the Trans fat ban click here

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