Canada Is Testing A Controversial New Artificial Intelligence-Based Legal System

More and more of our jobs and lives seem to be taken over by technology. Technology has definitely made our lives easier.

It has created more efficient communication, freed up our time (hello online shopping), and changed how we date. 

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As much as technology has improved our lives, it has also been totally overpowering.

We are constantly checking our devices, addicted to that next "hit" of instant gratification. 

Technology has also taken over certain jobs, like bridge toll collectors, some cashiers, and factory positions. 

There are also jobs that are at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence (AI). Some of these jobs include drivers (self-driving vehicles are being tested), data entry clerks, and even financial analysts.  

Most recently the government has launched a new "pilot program" of AI software making decisions about legal proceedings concerning pensions, taxes, and even immigration! 

More specifically, the Canada Revenue Agency started this project with no ethical guidelines whatsoever, as reported by CBC.

That means robots are essentially making decisions about your taxes, without any legal framework. 

Even Justice Canada has begun using this software to inspect court cases to anticipate a judge's decision. 

There are two other pilot programs involving AI that might be forthcoming: one program would be for immigration "litigation strategies;" the other would be used for reimbursement for government employees.

The hope would also be to expand AI for Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance. 

It's scary to think that decisions being made are coming from robots! Not only that, but they're slowly replacing humans in their jobs.

What else could possibly be on its way?

On a more positive note: apparently the AI has a 90% accuracy rate.