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Canada Is Turning This Town Into A "Wizarding World Of Harry Potter"

Granger things have happened.
Canada Is Turning This Town Into A "Wizarding World Of Harry Potter"

Are you a muggle that secretly wishes they were a wizard studying the art of magic at Hogwarts? Do you spend your days searching for the platform 9 3/4 to hop onto the Hogwarts Express? Well, now's your chance to escape into the magical world of Harry Potter!

via @g_bass

On September 30th there will be a huge Harry Potter Festival happening in Waterloo, Ontario that all Harry Potter fans must attend! They will be running the 94-year-old steam engine train leaving from St. Jacob Market Station at 4 different times during the day: 8am, 10am, 12pm and 8pm! 

via @urszulasitarz

This huge festival will also feature fun Harry Potter themed activities like the Wizard's Dueling Ring where you can face off using spells, Marauder's Map Scavenger Hunt, magic classes and so much more. 

via @marj_ayett

They'll also have tons of vendors selling your Harry Potter favourites like butter beer, wands, robes, and even a magical tattoo! Be entertained by the wandering performers dueling in the crowds, face painters, and fun magic shows. 

via @tanya_gospodarets

Visit the website for more information! 

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