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Canada Is Using The Philippines As A "Dumpster" And Now They're Threatening War Over It (Video)

Canada could be violating international law.
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Canada Is Using The Philippines As A "Dumpster" And Now They're Threatening War Over It (Video)

Rodrigo Duterte, bombastic president of the Philippines, is threatening "war" over a Canadian shipment of garbage that has sat near the capital of Manila for six years, according to the CBC.

In 2013, a Canadian company unloaded containers of trash on the shores of the city under the guise of delivering recyclable material.

In fact, according to onenews outlet in the Philippines, the shipments contained "household trash, plastic bottles and bags, newspapers, and used adult diapers."

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TL;DR President Duterte of the Philippines is threatening war over shipments of garbage that have long sat on the shores of the capital Manila.

The trash delivery is largely considered a violation of international law, according to CTV.

Despite repeated promises from Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau to find a solution, most of the containers remain.

"I’ll give a warning to Canada maybe next week that they better pull that thing out or I will set sail [to] Canada [...] I’ll pour their garbage there,” Duterte told the press (related and translated by ABS CBN News).

If Canada fails to act, a declaration of war will follow, the president continued.

You can watch president Duterte give his remarks in the video below. He begins to discuss the Canadian garbage at about the 1:10:00 mark.

This is not the first sign of tension between Canada and the Philippines. In 2017, Duterte lambasted Trudeau for criticizing his record on human rights, according to the CBC.

On its website, the government of Canada also advises its citizens to "exercise a high degree of caution in the Philippines due to the threat of terrorism and the high level of crime."

The government updated its travel advisory page for the Philippines on Wednesday morning, though it appears that the update was unrelated.

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