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Canada Is Winning Trump's Trade War

Canada Is Winning Trump's Trade War

Donald Trump is not having a good month.

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First, his cruel immigration policy drew international condemnation for its abuses of human rights. Then, an American federal judge ordered his administration to fully restore the Dream Act, which simplified the immigration process for young people brought illegally to the country as infants.

This week, Trump inadvertently revealed that his campaign staff was indeed seeking dirt on Hillary Clinton in a meeting with a Russian agent in 2016. 

His misery is Canada's joy, which is why the latest news about the Canadian economy is so, so sweet.

Canada is officially winning the trade war that Trump began as part of his regressive policy of economic protectionism.

Despite his tariffs on Canadian goods, the country's export market is booming, rising over 4% according to Bloomberg.  The trade deficit, or the difference between the value of the country's imports and exports, also shrunk by 75%!

Many had feared that Trump's attacks on free trade in North America would lead to disaster in Canada. But a push to buy Canadian and more international demand for Canadian metal were enough to prove that Trump's grasp on trade on the continent is weaker than he thinks. And Trump hates feeling weak.

After he berated Justin Trudeau, threatened thousands of Canadian jobs, and even called Canada a "national security threat," this seems like poetic justice.


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