Canada Issues Travel Advisory Because Of Hurricane Willa

You might want to prepare for some extended time indoors.
Canada Issues Travel Advisory Because Of Hurricane Willa

It was announced earlier this week that Hurricane Willa, a category 5 storms that's terrorized central and south America before moving north, will be making an appearance on Canada's east coast over the weekend.

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TL;DR The Government of Canada issued a travel advisory for Hurricane Willa, warning Canadians to avoid all travel to Mexico until further notice. The storm will be hitting Canada's east coast this weekend, making conditions outside unsafe.

The hurricane will likely turn into a massive snow and ice storm that'll take over provinces with it's unforgiving weather, which is all the more reason why everyone is better off huddling indoors until the storm finally passes.

The Government of Canada was quick to issue a warning advising just that, as travelling right now would be an unreasonably dangerous idea. 

The advisory tells Canadians to avoid all travel to Mexico, which is still dealing with the aftermath of the ravenous hurricane. The travel advisory also states that anyone choosing to still go abroad should contact their travel agent or tour operator to ensure the hurricane will not disrupt their arrangements.

The National Hurricane Center has also issued their own public advisory, which last identified Hurricane Willa moving northeast at 44km/h. It was the last official statement the center will release on the storm, as it will soon be within Canada's borders.

The Government of Canada recommends contacting any loved ones that are currently in the path of storm as well as contacting Global Affairs Canada 24/7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre if it just so happens a Canadian is still south of the border dealing with the remnants of Hurricane Willa.

To prepare for this weekend, Canadians should stay indoors, avoid driving on high terrain, and expect winter conditions.

To stay updated on current travel advisories in Canada, click HERE.

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