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Canada Joining Forces With Mexico, Japan, South Korea, EU To Fight Against Trump's Tariffs

We are not the only ones who are fed up.
Canada Joining Forces With Mexico, Japan, South Korea, EU To Fight Against Trump's Tariffs

Japan and the European Union have organized a meeting in Geneva where deputy ministers from Canada and South Korea - all auto-producing countries - will congregate to discuss the tariffs threatened by Donald Trump.

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Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum have threatened to cripple the Canadian economy and we can already observe the direct impact on the cost of certain goods, for example, the cost of Coke has gone up across the globe.

Auto-tariffs have the potential do a lot more damage. Potential tariffs of up to 25 percent, plus retaliatory measures, could increase the price of buying a car by thousands of dollars, dissolve jobs and severely impact the global auto industry as a whole.

Similar to Canada's retaliatory decision after Trump imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada and other nations, The Trudeau government said it would respond similarly to auto tariffs with its own countermeasures.

With that said, looks like Canada has some allies in its fight against Trump's tariffs; we are not the only country that feels their economy is threatened.

These auto-producing nations will be joining forces to meet, discuss, and coordinate a response.

I can't wait to see what kind of childish reaction and or belligerent Tweets Trump's will blast off in response to this conference.

More to come...


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