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Canada May Soon Be Facing A Water Shortage

This is bad.
Canada May Soon Be Facing A Water Shortage

Running out of water is definitely something to be afraid of. The effects of global warming and the depletion of Earth's resources is clearly not being given enough attention. We seriously need to pay more attention.

Even though Canada is known for having tons and tons of water thanks to our freshwater lakes, scientists have seen some changes in the ways that our water has been flowing. We need to stop taking our lakes for granted.

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Pomeroy, the Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change, has been studying the water flow in the Rockies. This is important because the water flow from these mountains flow into the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. 

What happens in these areas defines what happens to the rest of the continent and with the way things have been going, droughts are definitely an upcoming possibility.

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Basically what's happening is that the mountain snowpack is melting faster and earlier. The water is rushing through the river basins far too quickly, so there isn't enough to keep them hydrated throughout the summer. This phenomenon is causing droughts.

South Africa's Cape Town could be the first major city in the world to run out of water. And apparently, if this situation persists in Canada, we could see the same kinds of water shortages.

According to Shawn Marshall, who studies glaciers,  we can estimate that 80% of the ice in our giant glaciers will be gone by 2100. Changing weather patterns are not good for the environment, so we need to be paying more attention if we want to avoid droughts.


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