Canada Opening 22,000 km Car-Free Bike Path Across The Country In 2017

The longest network of recreational trails in the entire world.
Canada Opening 22,000 km Car-Free Bike Path Across The Country In 2017

Earlier this week we read an article about a 62 km long car-free highway in Germany that is receiving praise form around the world.

And with good reason, a car free highway is an amazing initiative, something that other countries should be doing as well.

Well if you thought 62 miles was impressive, prepare to have your mind blown.

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Canada has its very own "car-free highway" currently being built and so far it's 20,770 km long!

That's about 12,905 miles long or 208 times longer than the German trail.

In fact, it's the world's single longest network of recreational trails.

Construction began in 1992 and is scheduled to be completed by 2017, just in time for Canada's 150th anniversary.

So far over 87% of the trail is complete, and it already connects most of the major cities in Canada.

Although it isn't a bike path in the traditional sense, The Great Trail offers a wide range of outdoor experiences on land and water. It is exclusively designated for recreational purposes and only allows bikes, hikers and horseback riders in the summer and in the winter it is used for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

You could literally cross-country ski across the entire country!

Here's a map of what the trail looks like so far.

There is also an interactive map you can check out right here, so you'll always know how close you are from the trail no matter where you live.

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