Canada Post Is Getting Revenge On Their Employees For The Rotating Strikes

As you probably heard, the rotating Canada Post strikes that have been happening all over Canada are now happening in Montreal. On Monday night at about 10:30 pm, 6,000 employees from Canada Post walked off the job.

So if you're expecting a package today you're probably not going to be getting it.

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TL;DR ;Post Canada employees are on strike in Montreal. In retaliation for the rotating strikes, Canada post is cutting benefits for their employees who can't work.

The most infuriating part of all this is that we have absolutely nothing to do with this dispute and yet we're the ones suffering.

But now Canada post is getting sick and tired of these strikes and instead of caving to the union's demands, they have decided to make life just a little bit harder for any employee who isn't working. 

Canada Post modified the conditions of their short term employment insurance which means that no payment requests are being approved for people on sick leave. 

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Unfortunately this change also affects certain employees who are on short term disability. However, post Canada said that employees in difficult or special situations can make a request to be exempt from these new rules.


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