Canada Post Has Issued A "Red Alert" And Will Not Be Delivering Mail In Some Provinces Today

Blame bad weather.
Canada Post Has Issued A "Red Alert" And Will Not Be Delivering Mail In Some Provinces Today

It's not news that winter is firmly in our midst and Canadians have been dealing with the ups and downs off our harshest season for months now.

We're also not far from the huge Canada Post strike that threatened to "ruin" Christmas for many families.

But here I am, writing to you about another classic Canadian tale: the weather is so bad, Canada Post has issued a "RED ALERT" in several provinces.

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TL;DR Canada Post has issued RED and YELLOW alerts for several Canadian cities due to inclement weather. Mail delivery is either delayed or halted altogether. Check below to see if your area is affected. 

#canadapost is a joke! Been waiting 7 days now for a package that was supposed to be delivered last Friday...

February 1, 2019

The "RED ALERT" means that the Canada Post has had to suspend mail delivery because of inclement weather. 

Canada Post is informing Canadians that these communities and regions will not be "receiving mail and parcels today."

Cities under a RED ALERT:

  • Saint John, New Brunswick
  • Oromocto, New Brunswick
  • Moncton, New Brunswick
  • Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • The entire province of Prince Edward Island

Via Canada Post

Several cities are also under "YELLOW ALERT," which means there will likely be mail delivery issues.

The yellow alert means that certain communities and regions will be experiencing delays of mail and parcels because of the service disruption caused by the weather.

@cityofguelph there has not even been an attempt to salt the side walks on kortright. It’s not safe for people to walk on nor could the Canada post worker walk on them earlier as he was forced to switch between the road and median #makesidewalkssafeagain

February 8, 2019

Cities under a YELLOW ALERT:

  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia

Mail delivery was facing delays in the GTA and other parts of Southern Ontario but delivery has been restored.

There are few details on the Canada Post site in terms of when services will be restored to normal.

For now, you'll have to wait for your weed deliveries. It's better if our postal workers keep their toes, anyway.

For updates on the situation head to the Canada Post website.

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