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Canada Post Is Launching Brand New "Drive-Through" Self-Service Stores

With fitting rooms to try on your online purchases!
Canada Post Is Launching Brand New "Drive-Through" Self-Service Stores

Going to your local post office is sure to give you a blast-from-the-past experience. In other words, everyone knows that the local postal service is stuck in the past. 

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This can make the idea of shopping online daunting; even if the store is located in Canada. It's just so inconvenient to have to drag yourself to the post office to send a return parcel back. 

Canada Post knows that the post office needs a serious facelift, and they have launched and are testing futuristic self-service-driven stores.

These brand new stores will feature ultra-convenient and time-saving services like:

  • 24/7 self-serve parcel shipping station
  • Change rooms 
  • Drive-thru
  • Touchscreen shipping stations
  • Free Wifi

These unique and innovative stores are the first of their kind in North America and are designed to meet the needs of modern online shoppers.  Even equipped with fitting rooms so you can try on your online purchases and return them right away if the item doesn't fit as expected!

We’re testing exciting new services like 24/7 self-serve parcel shipping stations, change rooms and drive-thru all to make it easier for you.

August 10, 2018

Canada Post is currently operating and testing three full-service shops: One in Toronto, Albert, and B.C.

Montreal is home to one of these concept shops. However, it doesn't have self-service just yet.  It's located in the heart of downtown at St. Andre Post Office, Pharmaprix 901 rue Ste-Catherine E. 

This must be exciting news for online shoppers. Hopefully, they will be expanding these services to the rest of Canada as quickly as possible!

For more info and details visit the official page of the new concept shops HERE

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