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Say hello to the newest innovation from Canada Post, the matryoshka mail box! No, not really, though that's what Montrealers heading to Laurier station may have thought after seeing this mailbox-art installation, which has a whole descending-in-size-Russian-doll-vibe.

Set up at Laurier and St. Denis, right by the metro, the shrinking mailbox is kind of a mystery. We assume an artist named "Sautu" created the art installation (its the name written on the bottom right corner of the second mailbox) though we couldn't find much on him/her. Despite the anonymity, you have to give cred to the artists attention to detail, because each and every mailbox looks like a carbon copy of the one before, with some size dimension changes, of course.

To get a little culty (cultural studies) on you, we're going to say that the shrinking mailboxes are a comment on the current state of Canada Post and snail mail in the modern world. With door-to-door mail service slowly being phased out in Montreal and nation-wide, the mailboxes serve as a physical metaphor for the shrinking role of offlinel mail in our society, with old-school letter writing to become ant-sized in importance. Or it's just supposed to look cool, which ever.

Photo cred - @carlyloo

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