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Canada Post Strike Is Getting So Bad Even Trudeau Is Begging Them To Stop

No one is getting their packages on time, not even the PM.
Canada Post Strike Is Getting So Bad Even Trudeau Is Begging Them To Stop

I don't know about you, but every single online purchase I've made in the past two weeks that has been shipped with Canada Post or through Canada Post's systems has encountered long and painful delays.

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TL;DR  Over the weekend, Canada Post's employees refused Crown the corporation's latest offer. As the Canada Post strike continues, more and more packages are backlogged at facilities around Canada, prompting Trudeau to release a public Tweet begging employees to cease the strike before the holiday and Christmas seasons begins.

Anticipating the arrival of an online order should be fun, like it's Christmas everyday.  Instead, you open your tracking page for the fifth day in a row only to find that your parcel hasn't budged and it's still scanned in as "Delivery may be delayed due to labour disruption."

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Although Canada Post is using rotating strikes, there are still 42,000 urban employees affected, and this is undoubtedly having a strong negative impact on service. The package backlog building up must be getting ridiculous. 

To make matter worse, CTV reports thatCanada Post's employees have refused Crown the corporation's latest offer. As of now, the strike continues.

This couldn't have come at a worse time. No exaggeration. This week is the biggest week in online shopping for the entire year: Black Friday.

A time of year when not only online retailers are swamped with an insane volume of orders, but in extension, so will the postal service.

Within a few days, Canada Post will be hit with a new wave of parcels while they have yet to ship and deliver thousands.

It's arrived at the point that our own PM is required to step in and make a public announcement in the hopes of finally ending this strike.

The Christmas & holiday season is here - and Canadian businesses and families depend on Canada Post. We urge both sides in this labour dispute to resolve their differences quickly and reach a deal.

November 18, 2018

Trudeau posted this Tweet just two days ago, urging Canada Post to cease the strike before all of holiday seasons madness begins.

Hopefully these words will be taken seriously.

More updates on the strike to come.


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