Canada Post To Start Delivering Marijuana

Cannabis to your doorstep.
Canada Post To Start Delivering Marijuana

Canada Post, the Canadian crown corporation that is the nation’s main postal service, has said it will start delivering marijuana after legalization. 

The announcement was made at a conference in Montreal yesterday, with a representative from Canada Post saying the company will deliver cannabis to Canadian homes. 

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A director of strategy and e-commerce mentioned that Canada Post already delivers a controlled substance (alcohol) for the SAQ and LCBO, so the company is equipped to handle marijuana. 

Canada Post claims it is already able to check the age and identity of individuals, a requirement if marijuana is going to be sent to doorsteps. 

Whether or not anyone will want to deliver marijuana using Canada Post remains to be seen, as the company admits a formal study on the potential popularity of cannabis-delivery with Canada Post users hasn’t been performed. 

Existing Canada Post users may not be too keen on marijuana delivery, but something tells me a lot of people who never used snail mail will be enticed to if cannabis is something they can send and receive, legally.

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