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Canada Post Won't Be Delivering Some Of Your Packages Until March 2019

Union protests are not over yet.
Canada Post Won't Be Delivering Some Of Your Packages Until March 2019

With the holiday season just around the corner, Canadians were anxiously waiting for the Canada Post strike to officially end before massive delivery delays would ensue.

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TL;DR Canada Post has released an official statement that warns the delivery of any international parcels or packages will be delayed through March 2019. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has also raised the possibility of strikes in the near future. More details below.

Well, after negotiations largely failed, the union was forced to end the rotating strikes and return to work. We all felt relieved to know the holiday mail rush would not be left unattended.

Unfortunately, despite Canada Post being back in business and working against the clock to deliver packages on time, there are still going to be some pretty serious delays. 

A notice was issued on the Canada Post website that advises customers that parcel deliveries will continue, but due to the peak holiday season they will experience delays into January 2019.

That's not even the worst, though. If you were hoping to receive a package from another country before the New Year, you're completely out of luck. With delivery conditions expected to worsen due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, some packages may not be delivered until March 2019. That's four months from now!

In an attempt to combat this massive backlog, Canada Post will be working with the Canada Border Services Agency to manage current delays on packages and parcels.

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The good news out of all this is that letters should be delivered by December 25, so at least you'll be able to give and receive holiday good wishes on time. 

Despite the end of the workers' strike, tensions have definitely not settled. The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has already announced that a campaign will soon begin with "mobilizations, demonstrations, and non-violent civil disobedience".

Whatever that means, we definitely shouldn't let our guards down. Now is the time to get all of your holiday parcels mailed out, even though they will most likely still experience delays.

Stay tuned for more information on the Canada Post tension and possibility for continuing disputes.


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