Canada Ranked #1 Best Country To Visit In 2017

In Canada, we already know we're awesome. But I'm not going to lie, it's kind of nice when the rest of the world agrees us as well.

According to the Lonely Planet, Canada is the #1 destination world travelers simply cannot miss in 2017.

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This is pretty unexpected when you think about it. After all, when people plan their dream vacation, you rarely hear them say: I just have to visit Canada!

So how exactly did we end up on the top of this list?

There are actually many reasons why Canada ranked so high:

We were praised for the fact that Justin Trudeau is our Prime Minister.

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We have several cities listed as the most pleasant places to live.

We are great at integrating new arrivals.

We are the second biggest country the world.

We have some of the best and most underrated food and wine in the world.

via @explorecanada

The Canadian dollar is weak right now, so visiting Canada is cheaper than ever.

And finally, since we're about to celebrate our 150th anniversary, there will be festivities all over the country for the next year.

Here are the other countries on the list

1. Canada

2. Colombia

3. Finland

4. Dominica

5. Nepal

6. Bermuda

7. Mongolia

8. Oman

9. Myanmar

10. Ethiopia

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