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Canada Ranked #1 For Highest Monthly Cellphone Bills In The Entire World

Go ahead, be angry.
Canada Ranked #1 For Highest Monthly Cellphone Bills In The Entire World

Well, it looks like things aren't getting any better for cell phone users, AKA everyone in Canada.

It seems we're still paying some of the highest cell phone bills in the world. In fact, we pay more than any other country in the G7 according a recent study.

When they compared a simple monthly plan of 150 minutes, Canada came out way on top at $41.08 compared to Germany who had the lowest bill at only $17.15.

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Several other monthly plans were compared as well, including talk, text, and up to 10 gigs of data. Canada consistently came in 2nd place making them the worst overall.

The reason for this is simple, cellphone companies make more profit here.

Accordingtoa study conducted last year, an average of $46.58 of monthly cell phone plans is pure profit. That's nearly double what companies in the UK pocket.

This is especially annoying considering the fact that Canadian government was running commercials on TV a couple of years ago promising that prices would be going down because they were going to allow more competition in the market.

So go ahead and be pissed off Montreal. It's one of those times where it's completely understandable

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