Canada Ranked #2 Best Country In The Entire World

Oh, Canada, you're so loved.
Canada Ranked #2 Best Country In The Entire World

Be proud to live in Canada because, apparently, our fair nation is the second best country on the planet to live in.

That is, at least, according to U.S. News’s “2018 Best Countries” report, a worldwide survey “created to capture how centuries are perceived on a global scale,” says the rankings website. 

80 different countries were evaluated as part of the report, with over 21,000 respondents from around the world asked to assign “country attributes” to specific nations. Examples of country attributes include, words and phrases like “culturally accessible” or “educated population” that respondents would then assign to a country. 

The 65 country attributes were then compiled into nine seperate sub-rankings used to mete out which countries are the “best,” at least according to public perception. 

Canada ranked highest in the “quality of life” category while also performing well in the “citizenship,” (human rights and freedoms for citizens) “open for business,” (the perception of the economy) and “entrepreneurship” (well educated and pro-business) brackets. 

The true north strong and free lost points in the “heritage,” (food, history, and cultural attractions) “movers,” (looking unique and dynamic) and “adventurer” (how sexy and fun a country seems) categories. 

Unfortunately the poor performance in those sub-rankings led to Canada taking the number two spot, beat out by Switzerland at number one. But at least we crushed Trumpland, er, we mean the United States, which took the eight spot on the top ten list. 

A short description of Canada, along with some history, is attached to the country’s profile on the rankings. Like any profile written by someone who probably isn’t Canadian, all the regular tropes are there, including a nod to Céline Dion. 

But, in a rare showing of some knowledge and background of Canada’s less-than-positive history, the profile notes how “Canada faces national challenges related to the concerns of indigenous people and those in the predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec.”  

You can check out the full list of countries here, and check out the top ten nations listed in the 2018 Best Countries report below.  

1. Switzerland 
2. Canada
3. Germany
4. United Kingdom
5. Japan
6. Sweden
7. Australia
8. United States
9. France
10. Netherlands