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Canada Ranked #2 Best Country In The World For "Quality Of Life"

You, as Canadians, should feel very proud.
Canada Ranked #2 Best Country In The World For "Quality Of Life"

Just when you thought Canada couldn't get any more awesome, we go ahead and secure a rather important world ranking.

No, I'm not talking about how Canada was ranked #2 in the world for women with the biggest breast sizes.

Although that actually happened.

Canada Ranked #2 In The World For Women With Biggest Breast Sizes

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This time however, I'm talking about social progress and quality of life.

Countries were judged based on how well they meet society's basic needs, the foundations of well being and how much opportunity the country has to offer.

Basic needs include: Nutrition and basic medical care, water and sanitation, shelter and personal safety.

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Foundations of well being include: Access to basic knowledge, access to information, health and environmental quality.

Opportunity includes: Personal freedom and choice, access to advanced education, tolerance and inclusion and personal rights.

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133 countries were ranked and Canada came in at #2 overall in the world.

Here's how the rest of the world scored:

  1. Finland

  2. Canada

  3. Denmark

  4. Australia

  5. Switzerland

  6. Sweden

  7. Norway

  8. Netherlands

  9. United Kingdom

  10. Iceland

  11. New Zealand

  12. Ireland

  13. Austria

  14. Japan

  15. Germany

  16. Belgium

  17. Spain

  18. France

  19. United States

  20. Slovenia

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