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Canada Ranked #2 In The World For Women With Biggest Breast Sizes

Many scientists have dedicated their lives to noble causes. They cure diseases, they invent new technology, they help us understand our world and they make our lives better.

But some scientists decided to forget about all that crap and figured they would study breast sizes instead.

A virtuous endeavor indeed.

In what has been referred to as a landmark study, a group of scientists took a trip a round the world to measure the volume of almost half a million women in 100 different countries.

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The study found that Caucasian women in the U.S. had the biggest breast. Followed by Canadian women and non-Caucasian women from the U.S.

Although it appears as though the U.S. women won a by a lot, it mostly seems that way because they scored Caucasian women separately. If you average out both US categories, Canadian women only trail by about 1,500 ml. That's really impressive considering they have Los Angeles.

According to the study's conclusions, it was determined that women's breast size varies depending on what country they are born in. Something pretty much anyone could have figured out without this study. Furthermore they claim that this will be helpful for the clothing industry because "it is necessary to create globally comparable standards".

Whatever you say guys, whatever you say.

Here's how the rest of world scored:

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