Canada Ranked #2 "Most Beautiful Country In The World"

Something every Canadian should already know.
Canada Ranked #2 "Most Beautiful Country In The World"

Oh, Canada. No, I'm not about to bust out the national anthem, that was more of a sigh-of-appreciation for a country that truly is beautiful. 

Beautiful not solely for its multicultural makeup of peoples, progressive social policies, nor our disarmingly handsome Prime Minister. 

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Canada is (and I don't mean this in a bad way) superficially beautiful, too. Home to oh-so-many stunning landscapes and natural wonders, Canada is a work of art unto itself. 

Of course, we say that as Canadians, people familiar with the breathtaking scenes our country has to offer. But Canadians aren't the only people aware of Canada's natural beauty. 

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London-based travel magazine Rough Guides created a list of the world's most beautiful countries, and Canada came out on top. Well, nearly. 

Polling readers, Rough Guides asked this simple question: what is the most beautiful country in the world?

The answers varied, of course, but in the end twenty countries made the final list. 

Canada ranked second overall, with Scotland taking the top spot. Apparently the race for first place was a "close call" according to the Rough Guide rankings.

Celebrated for its "mixture of raw beauty and majestic landscapes," Canada is also called the "home of lumberjacks, beavers and maple syrup," albeit jokingly, by the magazine. Sure, that last bit is a cultural stereotype, but it's not really wrong. 

What's most surprising about Canada's second place ranking is the fact that Rough Guides is predominantly read by British and European people.

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Canada, it would seem, is a popular enough travel destination that folks from across the pond are familiar with the country's landscape. Not only that, travellers are smitten with Canada upon arriving. 

No longer America's little brother (we beat the USA, by the way) Canada has now become a player in the global tourism game. 

Of course, Canada did lose to Scotland, so we got a bit to go before we can confidently say our country is the most beautiful. Still, second place ain't bad, and you can check out the rest of the list below. 

20. Vietnam
19. Croatia
18. Ireland
17. Norway
16. Peru
15. Switzerland
14. Finland
13. India
12. Mexico
11. Slovenia
10. Wales
9. USA
8. Iceland
7. England
6. Indonesia
5. South Africa
4. Italy
3. New Zealand
2. Canada
1. Scotland