Canada Ranked #2 Most Reputable Country In The World

The True North, strong and free.
Canada Ranked #2 Most Reputable Country In The World

Every year, a reputation-management consulting firm called the Reputation Institute conducts a study for their clients.

The goal is to offer strategies to improve their client's reputation among customers in various markets around the globe.

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This year, Canada had made it all the way to #2 on the list, making us the 2nd most reputable country in the world.

According to the report, Canada has a reputation for being happy, peaceful and relatively free of corruption.

Canada is the only country in both North and South America to make it to the top 10.

But what about the United states? It may surprise you to know that the US only ranked at #28 on the list. And considering this survey came out before the US election, they'll probably drop a few more spots next year.

However, Canada shouldn't get too cocky about this, after all, we were #1 last year and we've dropped to #2, so let's juts make sure we get our top spot back next year shall we?

Here's how the rest of the countries ranked:

1. Sweden

2. Canada

3. Switzerland

4. Autralia

5. Norway

6. Finland

7. New Zeland

8. Denmark

9. Ireland

10. Netherlands

11. Austria

12. Italy

13. The United Kingdom

14. Japan

15. France

16. Belgium

17. Spain

18. German

19. Portugal

20. Singapore

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