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Canada Ranked #9 Country That Drinks The Most Coffee In The World

The whole nation has a coffee addiction, fact.
Canada Ranked #9 Country That Drinks The Most Coffee In The World

Photo cred - Dimitri Rousseau

Montreal loves its coffee, a factmade fairly evident given the mass amounts of chain and independent coffee shops littered everywhere in the city. You'd be hard-pressed to find a Montrealer in the morning without a cup of coffee, ordinarily paired with a cigarette (the breakfast of champions). Our fair city isn't the only spot in the nation addicted to caffeine though, as apparently all of Canada gets jazzed off of java a whole lot. Like, more than most of the world a lot.

An infographic titled "The Top 10 Countries That Drink The Most Coffee" from I ♥ Coffee lists the world's most avid coffee drinking nations, with Canada holding number 9 spot. No doubt Montreal seriously contributed to the nation's number of annual coffee consumed per person, which is 6.1kg every year.

Topping the list is Finland, which crushes the rest of the world with a whopping 12kg annual coffee consumption rate per citizen. Norway is a far second, with 9.6kg, followed by Denmark with 8.9kg. Canadians may only drink half as much coffee as the Finnish (who all must be perma-wired) but at least we beat out our cocky neighbors to the south, who didn't even make the list.

Check out the infographic below, with the full list of countries and other cool facts.

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