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It's Official, Canada Ranked "Happiest Country" In The World

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It's Official, Canada Ranked "Happiest Country" In The World

You may think that Canada can be pretty lame and depressing sometimes, but the truth is that we are among 10 of the happiest countries in the world! According to National Geographic, Canada is a great place to live and it even ranks higher than Australia and the Netherlands!

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National Geographic talks about how Canada has "plenty to explore" and is so "culturally diverse" which is hard to argue against. I can see why everyone must be so happy, I mean we get a taste of all four seasons and have the opportunity to see so many beautiful and natural sites. 

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The truth is that Canada is ranked the 6th happiest country in the world out of 10 surpassing the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, and Denmark but not quite happy enough to pass Finland, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Denmark.

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That makes Canada basically the only other country on the list other than Australia that isn't from Europe! Obviously Canada has its ups and downs but I can honestly say that I am not that surprised about our high levels of happiness!

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