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Canada Ranked #2 Most Beautiful Country In The World

It'll always be #1 in our hearts.
Canada Ranked #2 Most Beautiful Country In The World

For anyone that already lives in the country, we're pretty well aware of how great being a Canadian can be. Free healthcare, all four seasons, bagged milk, the list goes on. Really though, we have a lot to love about living in Canada.

TL;DR The London-based travel magazine, Rough Guides, just released their annual list of most beautiful countries in the world, with Canada coming in at #2. Scotland was the lucky winner, ranking #1. Read below for the entire list of countries.

That's why it's a little bittersweet to hear that the country just ranked #2 as being the most beautiful in the world, according to Rough Guides.

Celebrated for being the home of "lumberjacks, beavers and maple syrup" as well as its "raw beauty and majestic landscapes." The Yukon and B.C. are mentioned for their boundless natural beauty, as well as Montreal and Toronto for our "great restaurants and cosmopolitan atmosphere."

Yes, we can appreciate that we just outranked hundreds of other countries on Earth, but there's always that tiny bit of frustration with ranking second place. This isn't even the first time we came in second for being most beautiful, so by now we're a bit too familiar with being the runner-up.

Just in case you were curious who ended up beating us for the gold, here's the entire list of "The Most Beautiful Countries in the World" according to Rough Guides Readers':

1. Scotland
2. Canada
3. New Zealand
4. Italy
5. South Africa
6. Indonesia
7. England
8. Iceland
9. US
10. Wales
11. Slovenia
12. Mexico
13. India
14. Finland
15. Switzerland
16. Peru
17. Norway
18. Ireland
19. Croatia
20. Vietnam

Yes, we were surpassed by the Scots, but can you really blame the voters? Scotland does look like a super green and extra-enchanting Canada, so technically if you really think about it, we totally won.

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Also, most of Rough Guides readers happen to be European, so it wasn't even fair game to begin with. Regardless, Canada will also be the most beautiful city in our hearts.

Stay tuned until next year to see if we uphold our tradition of ranking #2. To take a look at the entire Rough Guides list, click HERE.

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