Canada Ranks #9 In World Happiness Report, U.S. Ranks #19

This definitely has something to do with our legal weed.
Canada Ranks #9 In World Happiness Report, U.S. Ranks #19

The World Happiness Report was recently released to much fanfare, unleashing a firestorm of debate. Residents of countries are clamouring to find out where their country ranks on the list. Finland, of course, ranks #1 happiest country in the world for the second consecutive year.  

Something is definitely in the water in Northern Europe with Finland (1), Denmark (2), Norway (3), Iceland (4), the Netherlands (5), and Sweden (7) claiming most of the top 10 spots. Switzerland (6), Austria (10), New Zealand (8) and finally Canada (9) round out the top 10. 

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TL;DR  The World Happiness Report has been officially released and Canada ranks in the top 10 happiest countries in the world! According to the report, our neighbours to the south are 19th. Good thing for legal weed, am I right? 

#Finland was the happiest country in the United Nation’s World Happiness Report #InternationalHappinessDay

March 20, 2019

Overall, the report indicates that general happiness levels worldwide have decreased exponentially since last year.

Despite economic success in many countries, the report cites reasons like increasing political tensions and climate change as a potential reason to why overall happiness is lower this year. 

One possible reason for this drastic decrease in happiness is the social media factor. Scholars report that increasing dependency on electronics and social media lead to less sleep and less face-to-face interaction. 

Growing divides between the rich and poor, especially in the United States, creates an "erosion of the cohesion and trust between people, which is so vital for the feeling of safety and security", according to Meik Wiking, CEO of The Happiness Research Institute. 

It's understandable for places in Northern Europe to rank so high on the Happiness Report. Countries like Finland have some of the best social programs and healthcare in the world. What they might lack in decent weather they make up for with an incredible lifestyle. 

Canada, on the other hand, is ranked so high because of similar reasons. We have some of the lowest unemployment rates in the world, one of the best healthcare systems, our infrastructure (except Quebec...) is bar-none, and let's not forget the legal weed. 

It should be a point of pride for Canadians to rank so high on the Global Happiness Index amongst some of the world's most highly regarded countries. Canadian pride isn't about being loud and obnoxious.

Sure, we have the best hockey team, the cleanest water, amazing natural landscapes, but Canadians don't brag about our incredible country as much as they should. 

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Some would say our neighbours to the south are too braggadocious about their country and for good reason. Coming in 19th on the Global Happiness Index should not be a source of pride for any American.

There's little reason to be happy in the States what with the situation there, but what we could do is to maybe spread a little bit of our happiness to them. They could really use it, to be honest. 

Everyone could use a little cheer in this crazy world, so as Canadians, let's be proud of our happiness and spread the love to just maybe make the world a better place! 

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