Canada Releasing All-New "Canada Day" Coin For The Country's 150th Birthday

The royal Canadian Mint just keeps rolling out new coins to Celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.

First there was the Black Toonie, then came the new $3 coin, but now they've decided to make a new coin with pretty unusual feature. 

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This is the 2017 Proudly Canadian Pure Silver Glow-in-the-dark $5 coin. 

Celebrate Canada 150 years of shared moments with a limited-edition glow-in-the-dark collector coin! #holdthemoment

April 25, 2017

That's right, this coin glows in the dark! The coin features an engraved Canadian flag in front of exploding fireworks and it can also be turned into a necklace

So I guess we'll call this one a "Fivey" then. 

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