Canada Releasing "Wonder Woman" Themed $10 Coins

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Canada Releasing "Wonder Woman" Themed $10 Coins

If there's one thing we all know about the Royal Canadian Mint, it's that they love their limited edition coin releases. Just look at the extensive list from this year alone:

The glow-in-the-dark Toonie

The Pure Gold Loonie

The $3 coin

The Silver Loonie

The $5 "Canada Day coin

A new redesign for both the Loonie and Toonie

And now with all the hype from the new Wonder Woman movie released over the summer as well as her role in the new DC Universe, she has never been more popular.

With that in mind, the Royal Canadian Mint decided to hop onto the Wonder Woman bandwagon after she completely stole she show in Batman v. Superman. Behold, in all it's glory, the Wonder Woman. 

The coin is 100% pure silver and is on sale for 50$ and you need to hurry up and get them because of the original 15000 that were minted, there are only 2550 left.

For more information on how to buy them you can check out their website.

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