Canada Is Giving $1,000-$5,000 To Students Who Volunteer In The Fight Against COVID-19

Trudeau said the government is creating 76K jobs for young people.
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Canada Is Giving $1,000-$5,000 To Students Who Volunteer In The Fight Against COVID-19

For all the students who have found themselves worried about their finances in the midst of this pandemic, help is coming your way! During his press conference on April 22, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the new Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB), which will provide students with $1,250 a month from May to August. The Prime Minister also informed students of the country about the new Canada Student Service Grant during this conference.

This grant will be for students who choose to volunteer rather than work during the upcoming months, which Trudeau mentioned is a valuable way to spend one's summer.

Trudeau says "students helping in the fight against COVID-19 this summer will soon be eligible for $1000 to $5000, depending on your hours, through the new Canada Student Service Grant."

He also mentioned that "our government is creating 76,000 jobs for young people." 

Trudeau assured the public that the Government of Canada will be giving specific support to Indigenous students.

"For today, for the summer, for next year, we're going to be there for you," Trudeau promised students.

Below is a video of Trudeau announcing the new Canada Student Service Grant.

Knowing that students are unable to work their normal jobs during this time, the Canadian government has chosen to help them out by creating the Canada Emergency Student Benefit.

So, students now have the Canada Emergency Student Benefit to provide them with the immediate support they may need.

The CESB will give students $1,250 per month for the next four months.

If a student has a disability or provides care for someone who does, their CESB payment will increase to $1,750 per month.

And, if they're looking to volunteer during the summer, they will have the Canada Student Service Grant to help them pay their bills.

Trudeau spoke to the students of the country saying, "as you're building your future, thinking about how to contribute, about starting a family or a career, all of a sudden you're faced with a massive crisis."

"This uncertainty that you feel can be overwhelming."

The Canada Emergency Student Benefit and the Canada Student Service Grant, Trudeau noted, are meant to help students go back to focusing on their future.

Alanna Moore
Contributing Writer
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