Canada To Offer University Degrees In Marijuana After Legalization

Students are being hired right after graduation.
Canada To Offer University Degrees In Marijuana After Legalization

With cannabis legalization in the country only two days away, many Canadians are starting to consider the long term impact that marijuana will have on the country.

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TL;DR An Ontario college is offering a brand new course that teaches students hands-on skills as well as the business aspects of the cannabis industry. Licensed producers are already lined up to hire graduates, proving there is a demand for workers in the marijuana industry.

A high demand for the product will obviously precipitate a higher demand for jobs in the new field. Since there hasn't really been a job market for cannabis before now in Canada, it might be a little more difficult to find qualified people to fill the position.

That may be why a university in Canada is now offering a course where students can learn how to grow their own marijuana plant.

Niagara College, located in Ontario, is the home of 50 cannabis clones that students will be able to irrigate, feed, protect, track with bar codes, test for chemical content, and even harvest and cure.

Not only will students be learning through hands-on methods, but they'll also become experts in the more financial side of the cannabis business. By learning how much labour and certain crops will cost, students can eventually find a career that leads them into Canada's legal marijuana industry.

The program is already so popular that licensed producers are lined up waiting to hire future graduates. 

With success such as this, it's clear that it's only a matter of time before other colleges and universities across the country begin offering marijuana-related programs for students. 

Because the industry is so burgeoning, students have almost guaranteed employment once they leave university.