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Canada Wants To Sell You "Marijuana Candies" Next Year

And brownies, too.
Canada Wants To Sell You "Marijuana Candies" Next Year

Canada should be legalizing edible weed candies and desserts once cannabis is legalized in 2018, says the chair of Canada’s task force on marijuana legalization.

Speaking at a hearing on the legalization of marijuana in Canada, Anne McLellan, chair of the marijuana legalization task force, said that it is important the government offers the same type of products that people can get on the black market, reports JDM. 

McLellan referred to cannabis candies, like lollipops, and other types of edibles (like the classic “pot brownie”) which people can buy illegally right now but isn’t included in Canada’s current framework for legalization. 

Marijuana edibles are popular among cannabis enthusiasts, since you don’t need to smoke to feel the affects of cannabis, and McLellan knows people will turn to the black market if there is no credible purveyor of such goods. 

And if the demand is there, McLellan knows the black market will continue to supply edible marijuana products. 

Prices should also be set at the current black market rate for marijuana, said McLellan. Otherwise, if marijuana is heavily taxed and buying a gram ends up costing more than it should, people will turn to illegal purveyors of cannabis for a better price. 

The task force on marijuana legalization was created to provide the Canadian government with recommendations on how cannabis should be made legal in the nation.

So, while McLellan’s statements won’t be turned into legislation, there’s a safe bet the Trudeau government will actually listen and consider her recommendation. 

Let's hope so, because the government stands to actually lose a lot of marijuana-related business if they don't figure out what's going to happen with edibles before next summer. 

And if a group of Canadian convenience stores get their way, we could even see marijuana edibles sold right around the corner from your house. A dep selling weed candies truly sounds too good to be true, but it is a possibility. 

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