Canada's All-New $2 Coin

The coin commemorates the anniversary of D-Day.
Canada's All-New $2 Coin

Today, the Royal Canadian Mint unveiled a new, limited-edition design for the toonie. The new coin commemorates the anniversary of D-Day, when Allied Forced invaded continental Europe.

"The Royal Canadian Mint is proud to launch a $2 circulation coin honouring the brave Canadians who, landing in Normandy, France 75 years ago, helped establish the Allied foothold that would lead to the liberation of Western Europe," reads a press release.

"By issuing a circulation coin honouring the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the Mint is helping all of us remember brave Canadians who risked everything, or made the ultimate sacrifice," said Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Veterans Affairs.

The back of the coin features an image of three soliders looking over the rail of their vessel as they approach Juno Beach, says the press release. 

"On the outer ring, engravings of ships and aircraft illustrate the massive air and naval operation which supported the troops taking part in the largest seaborne invasion in military history. D-DAY/LEJOUR J is engraved above the soldiers' helmets."

The coin enters circulation today. Only three million have been produced. Two million of the new coins featured a coloured image.

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In addition, the Royal Canadian Mint has introduced several collectors' items. A $24.95 pure silver coin featuring a soldier's footprint on the sand of Juno Beach is now available for purchase on the Mint website.

Royal Canadian Mint

Another "commemorative keepsake" booklet includes information about D-Day and space for collectors to store the limited edition $2 coin. The booklet it $21.95.

For more information on the new commemorative coin, check out the official press release here. To view the new coin, order a roll, or purchase any of the new collectors' items, refer to the Royal Canadian Mint website here.