Canada's All-New $3 Coin

Loonies, toonies and threenies.
Canada's All-New $3 Coin

Ever since I was a kid and the toonie came out, the first question on my mind was, when is the $5 coin coming out?

Well it might be awhile before we see that one, but in the meantime the Royal Canadian Mint did create a $3 coin. 

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First the loonie, then the toonie, and now the threenie.

The coin was minted to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary, it's made of 99.99% pure silver and it is by far the most stereotypical Canadian coin ever created. 

Seriously, it has hockey sticks, a puck, snowflakes, a polar bear, an inukshuk, Parliament Hill, the Canadian flag, maple syrup, a lighthouse, lobster traps, a toboggan, a goose, a canoe, a beaver, a moose, a black spruce tree, salmon, wheat, cowboy boot, and mountains. 

The coin is available in limited quantities for only $19.95.

Click here to order yours from the Royal Canadian Mint today.

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