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Canada's First Ever "Panoramic" Movie Theatre Is About To Open

Imagine watching a horror movie in one of these theatres!
Canada's First Ever "Panoramic" Movie Theatre Is About To Open

Movie theatre experiences continue to evolve now that there's competition such as Netflix and other streaming services. In an attempt to convince more people to leave the comfort of their homes to watch a new movie with hundreds of other strangers, some creative ideas have been born.

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TL;DR Cineplex Cinemas Queensway and VIP in Toronto, Ontario will be opening Canada's first panoramic movie theatre tomorrow for the viewing of the feature film "Aquaman." The ScreenX theatre has 187 locations across the world, with this being its first Canadian location. More details below.

Going to a theatre to see a newly released film will always be a tradition for many. Popcorn and exclusive movie theatre-sized snacks, those typical semi-reclining chairs (that are now actually being replaced by much more comfortable recliners in many theatre locations), and the giant movie screens still make the cinema the best place to watch a new movie.

Yet, movie theatres continue to evolve and surprise us every time. If you thought they had already reached their peak, think again.

Canada, it's time to get ready for the country's first ever panoramic movie theatre. You won't have to wait long, because it officially opens tomorrow.

On Thursday, December 20, Cineplex Cinemas Queensway and VIP in Toronto will be unveiling the new immersive theatre experience. The first film to ever be viewed on the panoramic screen? Aquaman.

The technology that creates this incredible 270-degree experience is known as ScreenX, which is featured at 187 locations in 16 countries across the world. Seriously, imagine watching a horror movie in this theatre! The entire film wraps around the viewer for the most intimate experience.

This is going to be Canada's first location, with hopes that more will come within the next few years.

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The creation of this theatre in Toronto is not the first time Cineplex Cinemas and CJ 4DPLEX have worked together. The technology company also introduced Canada's first 4DX theatre. Who knows what other movie theatre experiences will come from this partnership?

Needless to say, whoever is going to be watching Aquaman in the Toronto theatre tomorrow is going to be super thankful they didn't wait for it to come out on Netflix.


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