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Canada's Government Is Now Begging Canadians To Avoid Travelling To The Following Countries

Multiple Canadians are already facing imprisonment and death overseas.
Canada's Government Is Now Begging Canadians To Avoid Travelling To The Following Countries

If you were planning to embark on a vacation to warmer countries right before Canada's massive winter storm comes into effect, you might want to cancel your plans. Due to recent events, the government of Canada is strongly urging that Canadian citizens avoid and reschedule going abroad.

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TL;DR The government of Canada is urging Canadians to avoid travelling abroad during a time where many Canadians are facing imprisonment, abduction and even death in certain countries. Updated travel advisories and information below.

Canada's foreign affair minister warns that paying attention to the government's updated travel warnings is essential during this time where high-profile killings, abductions, and detention of Canadians abroad has happened. 

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Official travel advisories are updated regularly, so it's important to stay up-to-date with current warnings that flag local safety and security issues, as well as specific areas Canadians definitely should avoid.

Advisories also offer advice on entry and exit requirements, local laws and culture, health hazards and restrictions as well as natural hazards and climate.

It's recommended that if you are travelling to a potentially dangerous area that you register your itinerary with Global Affairs. This way you're able to receive more support from the Canadian government if an emergency abroad occurs.

In the last month alone, one Canadian has been confirmed dead after being abducted  near the border of Niger. Another Canadian has been missing since December 15 after travelling abroad, and three more Canadians are facing imprisonment in China.

Needless to say, the government of Canada is desperately urging Canadians to stay in the country right now. 

For updates and new information on Canada's travel warnings and conditions abroad, stay tuned. 

You can find Canada's travel advisories and warnings HERE.


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