Canada's Ice Hotel Caught On Fire Last Night

Yes, seriously!
Canada's Ice Hotel Caught On Fire Last Night

If you spent a night in a hotel made of ice, a few potential (albeit, unlikely) hazards might come to mind.

Will I freeze to death?  What if the room gets too hot and the ceiling comes crashing down on top of me? What if I drool at night and wake up with my face stuck to the bed?

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Fire is probably the last thing on your mind. After all, it's a freakin hotel made of ice!

But somehow it happened. At around 1:15 am on Tuesday morning a fire broke out in one of the rooms of the famous Hotel de Glace.  Some of the rooms are lit with candles at night, and the hotel director believes the candles may have set the bedding on fire. 

Three people has to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, while others were examined on-site.  Luckily no one died, other wise that would have been one silly looking obituary: "Burned to death in giant igloo"

The hotel will be closed for at least two days to get the smell out and repair the damages. 


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