Legal Marijuana Is Terrible For The Environment And Canadians Are Getting Super Angry

It turns out we aren't exactly doing good for our "green footprint".
Legal Marijuana Is Terrible For The Environment And Canadians Are Getting Super Angry

If you've already been to one of the cannabis stores here in Quebec, then you've most definitely waited in a line for hours to be welcomed in. After making your purchases and leaving the SQDC you took a look at your bag of items.

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TL;DR After a couple of days on the market, it's been noticed how much packaging legal cannabis actually comes in. The issue has been raising the question of how eco-friendly Canada's legal marijuana actually is.

You probably took note of how much packaging each item has. Seriously, if you haven't bought any product yet, just take a look at how much plastic and cardboard you have to go through.

First, you have to take apart the cardboard box which is kept together by a tough sticker. Next is the plastic container, which seems to be child-proofed or at least needs some super strength to get open. Afterwards is the paper that still needs to be ripped off of the lid.

It's safe to say that cannabis packaging isn't very good for our eco-footprint. Just imagine the amount of people in Quebec alone that visited their local cannabis stores since Wednesday. 

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Each person has recieved at least one of these tiny packages. With the cannabis industry and retailers only just starting, we may see a huge environmental impact due to the marijuana in the near future.

You're probably wondering why the need for so much material just to get to your legal cannabis. Well, some speculate it's to child-proof all of the products.

This makes sense, as these containers look pretty difficult to get open. Others also think it's to mask the stong smell of pot, which could be beneficial if, for example, you were hoping to go shopping right after your trip to the SQDC.

In reality, all rules and regulations around legal cannabis are set by Health Canada. Although it's up to each province to decide how they'll be implementing those rules.

Let's just hope that Canada's other provinces find more environmentally-friendly ways to sell cannabis, because it's certain the amount of packaging that'll fill landfills by next year will be massive.


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