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Canada's Military Just Spent $35,000 On Goggles That Simulate A Marijuana High

This may be bad news for legalization.
Canada's Military Just Spent $35,000 On Goggles That Simulate A Marijuana High

With marijuana legalization just around the corner, it's no secret that there's going to be a massive spike in usage across Canada. 

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TL;DR The Canadian Armed Forces has just spent $35,000 on goggles that simulate an experience one has while high. The goggles are being used to better understand how cannabis limits someone's reaction time and decision making.

Because of this, law enforcement as well as the Canadian military want to make sure all of the effects of being high are known and can be put to the test to see how impaired a person really becomes.

That's why they just spent $35,000 on "weed goggles."

Via Fatal Vision

The goggles and other items included in this unique kit are known as "the Fatal Vision Marijuana Simulation Experience." They'll soon be distributed across the country to health promotion offices for further use.

The goggles are an educational tool that's helping the Canadian Armed Forces understand what impairments come with cannabis consumption, and how it can alter a person's ability to make quick, accurate decisions. The device also tests how recreational marijuana can cause you to miss important cues that could lead to an accident.

The main purpose of testing the goggles is to conclude that driving while under the influence of cannabis is extremely dangerous as visual cues can be missed causing mistakes such as driving through a red light. 

There's a bit of controversy around the goggles as a few cannabis experts and scientists don't really agree with how accurate the tool is. It's said that they don't express every aspect of marijuana impairment correctly, and that the money from the Canadian Military could have been put to better use.

Only time will tell if this new gadget actually leads to some scientific breakthroughs or causes a shift in Canada's opinion on cannabis legalization.


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